News Flash: Blast Learning named One of the Six Best Education Applications in the Alexa EdTech Challenge!

Blast is a cutting-edge education platform that uses Alexa or Google Assistant as an intelligent personal study assistant, resulting in a state-of-the-art study method that is not just effective but makes learning enjoyable.

Study Guides

For College Textbooks and Courses

Blast provides Alexa and Google Assistant-based study guides for college courses along with an expert study system that customizes study experiences to schedules, student personality, and the study methodology that works best for each student. 

High Performance Mental and Study Skills

Every Student Becomes an Expert Learner

The BLAST system includes a learning, testing and high-performance mental skills training system that is implemented over multiple courses as a continuous improvement system. For mental toughness, students master skills like concentration and mindfulness, resiliency, and stress level control. For test taking and career success, students master test-taking strategies along with critical analysis and reasoning skills.

High Stakes Exam Prep

Every Blast User Becomes an Expert Test Taker

After a student completes a course, Blast continues to periodically reinforce important content that a learner is likely to need for future courses and exams. When it is time for the student to take a high stakes exam like the GRE or MCAT, Blast uses everything the student has previously learned to build a personalized test prep course for the exam.

Current Status

Blast Learning is Located in Thousand Oaks California. The Blast Learning Team is working on the release of our full system which should be available in late 2020.  

Contact Form

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